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Prestige Leaf Guard / Gutter Guard

A better leaf guard

Solid Colorbond stops nearly all leaf material

Higher at the back so stops water flooding into your roof

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The Prestige Leaf Guard is a design improvement on all other forms of gutter protection
  • Made of solid Colorbond and metal filters, very little will enter your gutter other than water.
  • Higher at the back than the front, water will no longer flood into the eaves or roof
  • Bakes leaf material dry, to blow away with the next windy day
  • Easy mainenance, as the filters can be easily removed and a hose inserted, to occasionally flush out the gutter.
You can be confident in dealing with Prestige Gutters - all Leaf Guards have a 15 year warranty on materials and 7 year warranty on workmanship.
So if you are building a new home, and want to avoid problems from leaves that you have experienced in the past, or have had enough of those problems and decided to replace your gutterguard, our team of professionals are there to help.
Prestige leaf guard

Low Maintenance Leaf Guard

The Prestige Leafguard is made of Colorbond steel, which bakes dry and cracks the leaf material enabling the wind to blow it away, which saves you time or money.
Prestige Gutters leaf guard

Better Performing Leaf Guard

No leaf material can come through the colorbond, and very little leaf material makes it through the metal filters. So less material enters your gutter, so your gutters last longer. Also, the filters can be removed and a hose inserted, to give the gutter a complete clean.
Prestige Gutters save you money

Leaf Guards Save you Money

By reducing the amount of leaf material becoming a muddy sludge in your gutters, the gutters will last longer. The Prestige Gutter Guard, requires less maintenance, saving on the cost of professionals or saving the time and risk involved with doing it yourself.
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