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Frequently Asked questions

How much does Prestige Gutter System cost

Every job is different, and until our professional estimators have assessed your property, we would only be guessing.

What colours are Prestige Gutters available in

The coloured metal in Prestige Gutters is Colorbond, which has a colour range that either is the colour you want, or very close to it.

How long before our Prestige Gutters can be installed ?

The waiting time changes all the time, and is effected by periods of rain. Normally rush jobs can be catered for, and delayed starts can be worked in.

Can Prestige Gutters organise installion of Prestige Gutters

All Prestige Gutters supplied by Prestige Gutters can be installed by Prestige Gutters. This arrangement protects purchasers from the problems that can arise from a good product being installed by inexperienced tradesmen.

What is the warranty period for Prestige Guttering

The Prestige Gutter shell is made of Colorbond, which has a 12 year no rust Bluescope Steel warranty. The workmanship is guaranteed by the installer for 7 years.

Does Prestige Gutters have finance available for purchasing Prestige Leafguards and gutters

Finance is always possible as a valuable asset, your home, is being improved. Recently we added interest free finance over 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. Credit rating considerations can be bypassed by our own vendor financing, up to 6 months.

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